How They Won: Secrets of Winning Real Estate Pros

Creative Marketing and How to Change Brokerage Companies with Brian Carothers

October 30, 2019

Brian Carothers has been in the real estate business for almost 10 years. Before getting into real estate, Brian was a radio show host in several large markets around the US. Sometimes funny, sometime irreverent, but always doing something creative, Brian is a brilliant marketer, always finding ways to stand out from the crowd.

Brian and I discussed his approach to winning on social media and the specific process that he follows, a few of his more creative marketing campaigns and the "re-launch” effect they have had on his business, and how he approached changing brokerage companies a few years ago. 

My favorite quote from the episode was, “Some of the best deals are the ones you don’t do.” Listen to the episode to find out what that means.

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Thanks for listening!