How They Won: Secrets of Winning Real Estate Pros

Integrity, Branding, & Consistency with Shelley Scotto

February 3, 2020

This week, I am speaking with Shelley Scotto, of Coldwell Banker on Long Island & Queens, New York.

Shelley is an incredible real estate agent that has been successful in every type of market since 1988. We had a wide-ranging conversation about:

  • Branding in a Competitive Environment
  • Keeping Your Integrity and Reputation
  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • The Lost Art of Negotiation
  • The Cure for Fear in real estate
  • And how Shelley would Improve the Real Estate Business if she could waive a magic wand.

You know, I’m so grateful to know people like Shelley, because they have so much to teach us. I hope you enjoy this conversation with this incredible real estate professional!